17 Great Christmas Gifts For Dad 2020

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The Christmas Season is here! Here at KJV Bibles, we’ve compiled a special list of Gifts for Dad. And not only Dad, but gifts for men in general – even gifts for teenage men! From Bibles to Bible covers, to water bottles and coffee mugs, to hammocks and fire pits, we’ve tried to include quick-order options that will delight Dad and give you back some extra minutes to enjoy the Christmas season.

Finding the Right Gift for Dad

Have you checked off Dad’s gift on your Christmas list?

Finding the Right Gift for Dad

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get stuck on just what to get for the men on my list. I know many of you struggle with this too! Our guys either buy whatever they need, or have a specialized hobby that’s too expensive or too technical, making a gift in that area too intimidating to contemplate.

We offer this list of Gifts for Dads as an initial brainstorming list for you – it might extend to other men in your family as well! Take a look, maybe you’ll find something just right, or maybe it’ll send you down the right path to the perfect gift for your dad.

In any case, you’ll find a variety, and in various price-ranges as well. Everything can be ordered online for delivery, so click the link and get it done!

A new KJV Bible

1. A new KJV Bible

We’ll start with our favorite, a new KJV Bible.  There are a variety of Bibles on our WEBSITElarge and giant print, thinline, or pocket-sized.  Is your Dad new to reading the Bible? Perhaps a Bible with thumb-indexing would help him out.  He will be delighted with any Bible you choose, and our KJV Bibles are built to last with sturdy faux leather covers, strong stitching and in a number of handsome styles.

2. Bible Cover

Bible Cover

Of course, we can’t leave out a Bible Cover for that new Bible. Choose from many different styles to carry that new KJV Bible. We carry classic browns and black streamlined cases, and Bible cases with verses debossed on the outside. Inside there are zipper pockets and pen clips, and our organizer covers include multiple pockets, a study notebook, pens and a highlighter.  Is Dad a hunter? Try one of our camo canvas Bible covers.


 3. Photo Book of Special Moments

Photo Book of Special Moments

Have you spent some special time with Dad in the past year – or perhaps quarantine forced a cancellation of a trip with Dad.  Compile a Shutterfly photo book with memories of that special trip, or the special place you return to again and again.  Have siblings and grandchildren upload their photos, too, and let Shutterfly put together a lovely bound book of memories.


4. Warm Mittens

Warm Mittens
Really, if Dad lives in a cold climate, he can always use another pair of warm mittens. Try these – the pop top pulls back like a writer’s glove if he needs to cool off, but also fits like a warm mitten for the days when gloves make individual fingers cold.   He will love these Red Head Mittens from Cabelas.

5. Inspirational Water Bottles

Inspirational Water Bottles
Treat Dad to a refresh on the water bottle front.  “Hope Anchors the Soul” is an appropriate sentiment for 2020.  Our stainless steel water bottles are a bestseller and the slender design makes it perfect not just for the cup holder in the car, but for backpacks and golf bags and gym bags. Keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

6. Dad Mug

Dad Mug

Or maybe your Dad needs something to help him savor his early morning coffees during these dark winter months. This mug reminds Dad, your hero, of all the ways he sacrifices and serves the family.  He’ll savor the love as he takes each sip. This is sure to become one of his favorites not just because it looks great, but because you gave it to him!


 7. Fire Pit

Or, maybe Dad is the perfect candidate for taking his coffee outside no matter the temperature. Prolong those COVID-safe outdoor visits as long as possible this year with a roaring fire that will keep everyone warm.  Why not have a bonfire in winter? Add some s’mores and you’ll be turning the temperature back to Autumn, at the least! Try this link for Home Depot’s selection.


8. Joshua 24: 15 Wall Art for Office

Joshua 24: 15 Wall Art for Office

Tell your Dad you’ve taken note of his great faith.  You know the power of his prayers for you as his child and how he’s sought to instill the truths of scripture in your lives.  Remind him of this great verse from Joshua 24:15 which makes note of the choices a Christian makes to honor the Lord with their life.



9. Giant Print Bible

Giant Print Bible

Maybe Dad doesn’t see quite the same way as he used to, or has a hard time keeping track of reading glasses.  Our giant print Bibles are printed in 14 point font, making it a more comfortable read.  In addition, these volumes are thumb-indexed and contain a concordance and cross-referencing – full color maps, too.  Choose from a variety of covers and designs.


10.  Battery-operated radio 

Battery-operated radio

Is your dad a sports junkie, or does he love the romance of listening to the ball game on the radio?  Many of us wouldn’t trade the excitement of imagining the game as commentated on the radio, and listening while lying on the couch in the screen porch.  Take this little guy wherever you go, whether out on the boat or in the backyard.


11. Organizer Bible Cover

Organizer Bible Cover

Mentioned above, this Bible Cover is worth a look for Dad.  We carry these in many designs, but the beauty is really in all the feature.  They are large enough to fit another small commentary or other study help, but also include a study notebook, 4 pens and a bible highlights.  Multiple pockets and double zippered compartments keep your Bible tucked away and your study tools together. Check out our selection.


 12. Hammock


Surprise Dad with a clear permission slip to nap in the form of a portable hammock.  This can be set up quickly and easily in the back yard, on the dock, or even the driveway.  Who doesn’t love listening to the bird cacophony while their eyes close? Great for a Dad who’s just retired, or downsized to a new home.  Don’t forget the Hammock Stand!

 13. Coloring Book


Coloring Book

We often think of coloring books as women’s territory. Why is that? Coloring engages both the hands and the mind. Coax the creative and meditative side out of Dad with this lovely KJV Psalms coloring book. Because who doesn’t need the Psalms? He can let out his inner artist as he lets the Scriptures color his heart.  Add some colored pencils to the package and he’ll be all set.


14. Beef Jerky of the Month

Beef Jerky of the Month

JerkyGent picks the best of the best in the jerky world and serves up a combo in the mail on a regular basis. Is Dad a jerky lover? Let him samples these treats, and give him an assignment to rate each box with the best, most well-liked products. Keep tabs on which flavors and brands he likes the best and order those for next year’s gift.



 15. Joshua 1:9 Keychain from the Kids


Joshua 1:9 Keychain from the Kids

Have your kids been saving up for Dad’s gift? This keyring tells Dad they see his strong and courageous faith.  And even though we know it’s the thought that counts, this comes at a nice price point for siblings that pool their resources – or with a little boost from Mom.


 16. Bible Bookmark

Bible Bookmark
Here’s another great gift from the kids or as a stocking stuffer – this conveniently marks Dad’s place in his Bible reading while holding the pens he uses for notes. A magnetic holder keeps this attached inside the spine of your Bible and the pens rest right on the outside. Super convenient!


17. Prayer Journal


Prayer Journal

Give Dad a lovely journal for jotting down his thoughts, whether future plans for 2021 or prayers and meditations during his Bible reading time.  A good looking flex cover journal from kjvbibles.com is a great addition to the gifts under the tree.