Bible Construction: The Making Of A King James Bible

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The Best in King James Bibles

The mission of KJV Bibles Store is to bring you the best in KJV Bibles.  That means we not only offer Bibles containing the King James Version of the Holy Bible, but we also provide beautiful volumes of this cherished translation of the Bible.

As mentioned in a previous post about the history of the KJV, this text was a monumental achievement of translation across sectors of Protestantism and, as the “Authorized Version,” remained the preminent English translation of the Bible for centuries, until the late 20th century, and is still the most widely read translation today.

The KJV Bibles Store offers a variety of Bibles for your use and enjoyment. You’ll find Bibles in many designs, for many uses, and at various prices – we hope you’ll find one for any gift you need, or a new Bible for yourself!

Take a Look At Our KJV Bibles

What size Bible would you like?

What makes our selection of King James Bibles unique? One answer to that question is that we design and produce all the Bibles that are sold at our online Bible store, and we stand behind the quality of our product.

Secondly, we offer an extensive selection of Bible sizes and at various price points.  We sell Bibles in a pocket size – at about 4” x 6”, up to full size Bibles that are about 10” by 7” in dimension.  In between are Thinline Bibles – less than an inch think, and other Bibles of varying size and thickness depending on the font size.  In addition, we pioneered the journaling Bible idea with the My Creative Bible which feature detailed line drawings to color in and ample space for your own study notes and drawings.

Perhaps the most important answer to our uniqueness is in our commitment to the details.  Here are some of the details we consider important.

Our Bible Bindings

KJV Bible Spine

The binding is one key feature of any book, and a good binding is essential to the life of the book. All our bindings are smyth-sewn, which means that portions of pages are sewn together, and fastened into the binding by head and tail bands and by tightly fastened endpapers, the papers you see on each side as you open the cover of the Bible.  You will not get a spine cracking effect with our Bibles, or find pages coming unglued like other volumes, as our pages are securely sewn into the cover of the bible.  Additionally, all our bindings are what we term “lay flat binding,” meaning the Bibles will easily open so you can see the full page without putting pressure on the binding itself.

Our Paper

Open Bible

Our paper is carefully chosen according to size and use of the Bible.  We use 20 gsm paper for the smallest Bibles in order to get a slimmer volume,  Our Bibles vary in paper weight with the thickest paper weight used in our Journaling Bibles, important for the use of colored markers and other Bible Study pens, so there is no bleeding of the ink.  Bleeding is largely dependent on thickness, but more particularly determined by the opacity of the paper.  Our extensive experience producing Bibles suggests that a 78% or greater opacity reduces the amount of show through in our Bible pages.

Our Font Choices and Sizes

We have chosen fonts, both serif and san-serif that are both comfortable reading fonts and well-sized for the size of the Bible itself.  While font point size can be different from font to font, here is a general font size chart for our Bibles.

Bible Size and TypeFont Size
Pocket Bibles6 point
Compact Bibles7 point
Large Print Compact Bibles10 point
Deluxe Gift Bibles9 point
Large Print Thinline Bibles10 point
Giant Print Bibles14 point
Giant Print Full Size Bibles14 point
Super Giant Print Bibles17 point
Outreach Bibles8 point
Gift and Award Bibles8 point
Gift Edition Bibles8 point
Pew and Worship Bibles9 point and 11 point
Family Bible13 point

Our Cover Materials

We choose the best quality at reasonable prices for all categories of our Bibles. Our low cost Outreach Bibles feature a sturdy soft cover, while our Pew Bibles feature a durable hard cover. Most of our other Bibles are covered in a lovely faux leather material, some smooth, some pebbled, and looks like real leather. This material is waterproof and scratch-resistant. It is available in many colors and is particularly receptive to debossing, foiling and other decoration. This faux leather option makes these Bibles beautiful, affordable and long-lasting.

Our leather Bibles, new for 2022, are covered with full grain (natural leather) and top grain (leather that has been sanded and embossed for consistency of appearance) leather for a luxurious finish.

Our Decoration and Design

Stack of 5 Bibles

Each of our Bibles features a unique design, from debossed and foiled flourishes to two-tone patterns, or appliqued designs. Our in-house design team takes inspiration from vintage Bibles to create authentic design ideas. One particular design feature for some of our larger Bibles are ribbed spines, where traditionally a cord was used to hold the book blocks together.

Study Helps

Our Bibles feature study helps in the back, including a Verse Finder, that lists verses along pertinent themes like forgiveness or love, or for when you are feeling stressed or sad.  We’ve also included a Through the Bible in a Year checklist to make the most of your Bible.  Most Bibles also feature maps, and a concordance for finding a verse based on a word.

The Extras!

My Creative Bible

Gilt edging completes the package! The gilt edging not only adds an a final touch, but protects the page edges from discolor.  The edging on our Journaling Bible is especially creative, appearing as a matching design to the Bible color.  Ribbon markers are another touch that give an old world feel and can be used to mark a passage you enjoy reading regularly.  A presentation page lets you personalize your gift to the person and the occasion and leaves a lasting mark for a special memory.

Take a look at our Bible inventory today! We love the KJV and we love making our Bibles beautiful.  You’ll find one for anyone you are look for, and one for yourself as well.