10 places only a small bible can fit

Small Bibles are practical. Due to their portable size, compact and pocket Bibles make excellent travel, office, and coffee shop companions. 

They remarkably contain the entire King James text in a manageable size - without sacrificing readability.

Small Bibles are a great Bible choice for anyone, from a wide-eyed college freshman to a retirement community resident. These Bibles can easily slide into crevices that your family devotional Bible cannot, whether in your home, car, or office.

Here are 10 of our favorite places ideal for carrying, stowing, or storing your compact- or pocket-sized Bible:


1.  Your Smaller Purse(s)

Woman Carrying Small Brown Purse

Small Bibles can fit inside small purses. Many of us—specifically us women—own multiple handbags that we use for different purposes. There is the tiny clutch purse that can only fit our wallet and keys, the medium-sized handbag that can carry chapstick, lotion, and other essentials, and, finally, the oversized tote that we bring to church every week because it is the only one that can fit our Bible and study supplies.

Purchasing a small Bible will eliminate your need to hold on to or buy that bulky, expensive third tote bag that only leaves the closet on Sundays. A compact- or pocket-sized Bible fits easily into a lighter purse.


2.  The Smallest Bookshelf

Bookshelf with Small Top Shelf


Fit your mini Bible onto every shelf in your bookcase, even the inconveniently short one that struggles to hold any books placed upright. 

Easily reorganize your bookshelf without fear of giving away any precious classic novels or theology books. Fitting your small Bible onto the shortest shelf will free up plenty of space for your other favorite books. Organize your bookcase with ease and without fear of giving away any of your favorite works of literature.


3.  Your Top Dresser Drawer

Full Top Dresser Drawer

Top drawers are places we visit every day while getting ready in the morning. Why not choose a Bible that can fit inside this all-important dresser drawer? Seeing your Bible in your drawer will remind you to open the Word before rushing off to work, class, or household chores.

Keeping your small Bible in your top drawer also allows you to easily take it out, put it away, and remember where you left it.


4.  The Front Pocket of Your Suitcase

Black Suitcase


While small Bibles are convenient for your everyday life in general, they especially shine as travel companions. Compact- and pocket-sized Bibles tuck into suitcase pockets that struggle to fit anything else, especially the pockets in front.

Your small Bible will not only slide into the pocket with plenty of room, but will also protect your Bible from damage from being stuffed into the main compartment. With a smaller size also comes a lighter weight, and smaller Bibles will help keep your luggage under that always-looming-overhead weight limit.


5.  Airplane Seat Back Pocket

Airplane Seat Back Pocket

Your small Bible is the perfect size to fit into the seat back pocket of an airplane. Keep the Word of God handy throughout your flight for memorization or study, and stow it effortlessly back in the pocket when you want to eat or watch a movie. 

A pocket size Bible is one of the few books that can fit into the seat back pocket of an airplane without bulging into your personal space. You'll no longer need to bend down under the seat in front of you to grab your Bible.


6.  Airplane Tray Table

Airplane Tray Table

While we are still on board the plane, let's not forget to mention that your small Bible also fits well on the tray table! Since tray tables seem to be shrinking each year, eating on them has been difficult, let alone spreading out your Bible, journal, and writing supplies. 

Lay your fears of dropping your Bible or knocking your pen under the seat in front of you to rest by opting to bring a small Bible on board. Your small Bible will only take up a little room on the tray table and will leave plenty of room for your coffee and study supplies.


7.  Desk Drawer

Open Desk Drawer

The often shallow top drawer of an office desk is the perfect place to tuck your small Bible while you are at work. Effortlessly lay it flat next to your pencils, paper clips, and notepads.

Not only will you find a use for the top drawer, but you also will have your Bible handy to read devotions during your lunch break or pray a Psalm before a stressful meeting.


8.  Bistro Table

Bistro Table

Pocket and compact Bibles are coffee-shop friendly and will fit nicely next to your coffee cup and croissant, allowing you to be both physically and spiritually nourished at the same time.

With many bistro tables now comparable in size to airplane tray tables, reading or journaling in your Bible is often difficult. Small Bibles are the ideal coffee shop Bible - they fit easily in your backpack, they fit comfortably on the table, and, who knows, they may make an excellent gift for the friend you are meeting.


9.  Care Package or Gift Basket

Gift Basket on Blue Background

The best gift is often a collection of gifts, and a small Bible makes a perfect addition to such a collection! Include a compact or pocket Bible in a care package you bring to a friend in the hospital, or bundle a small Bible in a baby shower basket.

With Easter just around the corner, many of us are putting together Easter baskets for our children or grandchildren. Pocket Bibles are great additions to an Easter basket and complement edible gifts well.


10.  Your Pocket

Man Reaching into Suit Jacket Pocket

Pocket Bibles have their name for a reason! Slip a LuxLeather pocket Bible into the pocket of your coat, suit jacket, or even the back pocket of your pants! Putting your Bible in your pocket eliminates the need for a bag altogether. God's Word has never been more portable.

Pocket Bibles contain the entire text of the Bible in a remarkably small package—Some even have zippers to protect their delicate pages. Pocket Bibles are a convenient, affordable, and classy church or Bible study companion.


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