An intro to bible journaling

Bible journaling is a quickly emerging Bible reading trend. Bible journaling does not just mean using a journal during devotions. It is an artistic process, allowing you to fill your margins with coloring, illustrations, lettering, or whatever other techniques you like to use.


You may already be sitting at your craft table just waiting to touch your colored pencils to your Bible’s pages, or you may never have worshiped this way before. Perhaps you stumbled upon our My Creative Bible while searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, or maybe you found yourself admiring the colorfully illustrated Bible lying in the hands of a fellow worshiper at your church.


Bible journaling is a powerful method to approach your personal quiet time or community Bible study.


Bible journaling can help you notice the importance of different verses in Scripture It can highlight new insights into verses that you have read hundreds of times before.


We want to introduce you to this process by answering various questions that could arise as you seek to add art journaling to your devotional life. 



  • Do I need a special Bible to begin art journaling?
  • What supplies do I need to begin art journaling?
  • Do you have to be a naturally creative person to practice Bible journaling?
  • Is art journaling only relevant to young people?
  • Where is the best place to begin?



1.      Do I need a special Bible to begin art journaling?


The answer is no. Any Bible with reasonably wide margins can function as a journaling Bible.


However, the margins of many Bibles are too small to comfortably and legibly fit your artwork. Furthermore, the pages of most Bibles are thin, delicate, and transparent in order to compensate for how long the Bible is. The ink of a colored pen could easily bleed through these pages. Watercolor paint will make them wrinkle.


In order to ensure your Bible is well-preserved and can keep your artwork from smudging or fading over time, we recommend investing in a specially designed art journaling Bible. My Creative Bible, KJV Bibles’ original art journaling Bible, contains margins wide enough to contain the full cascade of your creativity and pages resilient enough to win the battle against your watercolor paint.



2.      What art supplies do I need to begin Bible journaling?


You begin journaling with any art supplies! If you feel most comfortable drawing in pen and pencil, feel free to start here.


Color is also a great place to begin. Color can amplify the text of your Bible and help you to reflect on important truths.The touch of a colored pencil, gel pen, or watercolor paintbrush can quickly liven up the monochrome of an ordinary black-and-white font.


KJV Bibles offers a variety of supplies to fill your Bible’s pages with color. Our Bible journaling supply collection contains standard colored pencils and pens for the traditional illustrator, as well as vibrant Washi tape and coloring stickers for the more adventurous journaler. If you want to work with more forgiving tools, our colored pencil selection is an excellent choice for you.



3.      Do you have to be a naturally creative person to journal?


Absolutely not. Art journaling can enhance the devotional life of any individual, whether your right brain is pulsing with life or hasn't been used in years. Journaling is simply a way to make the Bible’s truths more beautiful and memorable to you personally.


You do not need to feel intimidated by Bible journaling. Your eyes will probably be the only two to view your artwork. Thankfully, we also live in the presence of a loving God who causes us no fear of judgment.


However, if  find yourself struggling to come up with ideas, Bibles such as KJV Bibles’ My Creative Bible and My Promise Bible may provide a helpful starting point. You can begin by coloring the lovely watermarked illustrations already present on these Bibles’ pages.



4.      Is art journaling only for young people?


It is true: art journaling is the next up-and-coming devotional trend. It encourages individuality and practically begs to be shared on Instagram.


However, artistic interpretation of the Bible has existed for centuries, if not millennia.


Check out Google Images’ display of Western medieval artwork, and you will find that nearly all of it is biblically inspired. Individuals and churches throughout time have celebrated the power of art and illustration in worship.


Art journaling also gives the reader freedom to fill the Bible’s pages with illustrations of any style they want. Not every journaler needs to follow the millennial hand-lettering trends cluttering the news feeds of Instagram or Pinterest. Timeless watercolor painting and traditional calligraphy are equally powerful approaches to art journaling and are a beautiful reminder of the unchanging nature of the words of God.



5.      Where is the best place in Scripture to begin?

You can begin Bible journaling  anywhere in Scripture that you want. The beauty of art journaling is that it is highly personalized. 


If you cannot decide on the right place to begin, you can always start with your favorite Bible verse. Each individual Christian is personally touched by different verses – why not begin illustrating that place in Scripture which makes you feel most connected to God? Though the words of Scripture are unchanging, certain passages may particularly speak to you.


If you own a Bible such as My Creative Bible, you can start with the verses illustrated in the margins. If you are struggling to come up with an idea, coloring the lettering and the pictures in these illustrations may give you inspiration.



Bible Journaling Ideas


If you need a little help getting started with your journaling practice, YouTube offers a wide variety of Bible journaling demo videos. As you view these demos, you'll begin to see how each person's take on journaling is unique. Take time to browse these ideas to find one that connects most with your personal style.


  • Chloe clearly explains her process, the supplies she uses, and the method she uses to approach a passage. She also explains how to journal in a way that is accessible to all journalers regardless of skill level.


  • Jenna’s (Scribbling Grace) videos, such as this one, illustrate fun techniques to vary your journaling practice. This video describes tip-ins, a technique that does not require you to mark directly on your Bible's pages.


  • Jordan Lee offers a non-intimidating walkthrough of her journaling process. Like Chloe, Jordan’s practice is a great place to start if you are new to journaling and/or do not want to spend money on special journaling supplies.


  • Amanda (Move the Mountains) uses a stylistically attractive yet simple technique to add color to her Bible’s pages. If you love to use gel pens, then this may be the technique for you.


  • Lauren (The Thinking Closet) shares her beautiful illustrations lining the pages of John’s gospel. These designs require more time and supplies but, as you will see, produce a remarkable finished product. Ideal for the person desiring to take Bible journaling to new heights.


If you recently found it difficult to connect to the ancient words of your Bible’s text, perhaps it is time to try a fresh approach to your Bible reading. 


Bible journaling is a powerful worship activity that can enhance your devotional life and Bible studies.


Your way of journaling is yours to create, no matter your level of artistic experience. If you need a little inspiration to kickstart this process, browse our selection of journaling Bibles, coloring supplies, and unique Bible journaling supplies, and use the videos provided to give you tips.



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