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Do you sometimes find it difficult to feel a special connection to your personal Bible? Just like our God, Bibles are generally unchanging. The King James Version, for instance, has only undergone one significant revision since 1611.


The Holy Spirit illuminates the Scriptures to each of us while we read the Word. Though we stumble across the occasional verse reminding us of this truth, we can easily find it difficult to remember Scripture’s personal influence.


We read the same words enough times that we no longer believe that we can learn something new from them, and we struggle to find the desire to dig into the text for personal applications.


But what if you had an external symbol for your Bible to remind you of its personal nature? Investing in a unique Bible cover may be just the accessory you need to remind yourself that this copy of God’s unchanging Word is entirely and uniquely yours. God speaks to us not only corporately, but also personally, through His Word.



The Purpose of a Bible Cover


A Bible cover is not necessary. You can just as easily slip your Bible, pens, highlighters, notebooks, and journals into your handbag.


But when you pull them out, your pen cap may be missing, the bottom of your bag will be lined with multicolored highlighter streaks, and the corners of your Bible’s delicate pages will be folded in many different directions.


Bible covers help fix each one of these problems. A Bible case features an exterior pocket for your journal, loops for your pens, and pockets designed for your Bible’s front and back covers. It also closes with a zipper, preventing that unfortunate coffee spill from staining your pages.



Find the Right Cover Style


Like purses and handbags, Bible covers come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Bible cases come designed to appeal to men and women of all ages. Bible covers can exhibit sophistication, vibrance, simplicity, or quirkiness.


Textured or brightly-colored purse-style cases are ideal for the woman unafraid of eye-catching accessories. On the other hand, a brown faux leather cover with a simple cross motif perfectly complements a professional, reserved man or woman. A subtly accented case shows a balance of both adventure and class.


If you are still in the process of discovering the right color and style for your Bible case, our Bible cover collection at KJV Bibles Store may help give you an idea.  



Select the Right Bible Cover Size


You picked out the perfect case, opened the plastic wrap, and tried to put your Bible inside the cover– only to realize that your bulky study Bible is way too large to fit inside the medium-sized Bible cover you ordered.


Like shirts, Bible covers come in different sizes, depending on the Bibles they hold. Just as a wrestler would struggle to fit into a medium-sized shirt, your heavy study Bible cannot fit into a medium-sized Bible case.


If you do not yet know your Bible’s size, you can easily measure it with a ruler or tape measure. Compare your measurements to the size chart below:


Bible Cover Sizing Chart

The most important tip to remember is that you should select a cover of equal or larger size than your Bible. 


When in doubt, opt for a larger cover size. Having a bit of extra room for your Bible to move around is better than not being able to zip your case closed due to your Bible’s size.



Be Sure Your Bible Cover Has the Necessary Features


While you need to choose a Bible cover with the correct interior size dimensions to fit your Bible, you can also explore what style of cover is right for you. Some contain a tasseled zipper pull and multiple carry handles like a purse, while others snugly fit your Bible like the sleeve of your favorite sweater. You can choose a style of Bible cover based on your personal wardrobe and preferences.


Our only universal recommendation would be to choose a Bible cover with a zipper and carry handle(s).


A cell phone case without raised edges, no matter how attractive, will not protect your phone's screen from cracking. In the same way, a Bible cover that is attractive yet does not zip closed will not protect your Bible's pages.


In addition, carry handles are the Bible cover feature that make Bible cases easily portable. Why buy a case that does not make carrying your Bible any easier? Some covers offer two handles like a purse, while others have one short handle like a briefcase. Select the style of handle best for your needs.


All of our Bible covers at KJV Bibles Store contain zippers, carry handles, as well as pockets and pen loops to hold your writing supplies. While all of our Bible cases contain these essential features, our case styles range from patent leather purse-style to camouflage organizer-style to traditional polyester canvas Bible covers.



Finally, Choose the Bible Cover that Appeals Most to You


Now comes the fun part - once you have made sure your Bible cover is the right size and has the right feature, you get to choose your style.


We encourage you to choose a case that is vibrant and personal.



Find the Bible cover that is most attractive to you. Find a cover that adds to and highlights the beauty of God’s Word, rather than detracts from it. You want to enjoy picking up your Bible in the morning for your quiet time.


Remind yourself today of the personal nature of God’s Word by clothing it with a unique cover. A high-quality Bible cover will be durable, practical, and beautiful.

After all, God’s Word is the most durable, practical, and beautiful book in existence.

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