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Compact Bibles

Ever wish you had the complete King James Version Bible without the bulk? Discover a convenient solution in our small and portable KJV Compact Bibles. Some of our Compact Bibles even come in large print!  Explore our selection of these mini-sized versions that can easily slip into briefcases, purses and more so you can start enjoying a lighter load.

KJV Compact Bibles make great gifts for students, and college students who may be on the go with just their backpack.  Make it easy to keep the Bible on your student’s packing list because it won’t take up much space! Check out our designs and find one that suits you!

KJV Compact Bible

Designed to become your new go-anywhere companion, our lightweight KJV Compact Bibles are undeniably stylish and effortlessly portable. Boasting the complete edition of the King James Version, their unique sizes make this Bible slender enough to tuck inside a purse, travel bag, briefcase, laptop bag, backpack and more. While it may be condensed in size, it’s still packed with features such as a one-year Bible reading plan, a helpful Scripture verse finder and reader-friendly subheadings. Enjoy the overall convenience of this easy-to-carry KJV Compact Bible as you explore it or share it no matter where you go.

Mini Bible

Offering the ultimate combination of a petite size and readability, our amazing mini Bible offers the complete edition of the King James Version. Enjoy these easy-to-carry lightweight miniature Bibles that feature a manageable text size so you can conveniently study God’s Word on the go. Our selection will astound you with several ornately detailed debossed covers while some zip closed for easier portability. In addition to offering the complete Bible in a super condensed format, our mini Bibles go a step further and offer additional features typically found in full-sized editions. These handy editions are small enough to slip into a jacket pocket, purse, briefcase, backpack, desk or locker. Enjoy the portable size of our mini Bibles while reading the Word of God wherever you go.