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My Creative Bible

Create an altogether unique devotional experience with My Creative Bible, KJV Bibles’ original art journaling edition of the timeless KJV Bible.

Follow Key Bible Verse Illustrations

Let your Bible guide you to the key points of Bible passages with its elaborate verse illustrations. As you color the words and images, allow God’s truth to sink deep within you. Use the illustrations’ images as memorization tools for key verses, or add your own images to remember your favorite Bible verses. Make use of blank margins to add your own illustrations of verses that may have spoken to you individually. Enhance your Bible study and Scripture memorization with this Bible’s key verse illustrations.

Draw in the Wide Margins

Finding space in your Bible’s pages to record your own thoughts can be challenging, but this Bible contains a layout optimally designed for creative reflection. This KJV Bible’s wide margins and lay-flat binding allow you to draw, paint, or write in your Bible without crowding the text or causing your Bible to wrinkle or close in the middle of your devotions. The typesetting layout is designed for you to spontaneously unleash your creativity alongside the steadfast KJV text.