Bible journaling has been growing exponentially over the last several years. Throughout social media and the internet, you will find Bible journaling communities dedicated to displaying creative Scripture expressions in Bibles, creating and posting how-to videos on art techniques, and using Bible journaling as the basis for outreach Bible studies. The Bible journaling trend opens up a whole new way to express and document your faith. Bible journaling is about reading and studying the Word while creatively expressing your thoughts, prayers and emotions through coloring, drawing, and writing. In 2016, Christian Art Publishers released the first illustrated journaling Bible, My Creative Bible . This KJV Bible showcases more than 300 hand drawn illustrations and sold over 100,000 copies. All the illustrations were expertly done inhouse by our talented art department and were created to draw the reader’s attention to the beauty and truths found in Scripture.

On the heels of the successful release of My Creative Bible, Christian Art Publishers has created another journaling Bible, My Promise Bible . My Promise Bible offers many creative journaling features centered on the promises of God. The promises of God are unchanging, ever-present anchors that you can hold fast to in life’s challenges and storms. The emphasized promise verses in this Bible helps the reader to mediate on their meaning and apply their significance to daily life.

Whether you’re an experienced artist or a novice, there is no right or wrong way to creatively journal in a Bible. Finding the right Bible for you is the first step and My Promise Bible is an ideal place to start your Bible journaling journey. This Bible is published using the complete King James Version and arranged as a journaling Bible giving you plenty of room to be creative .

My Promise Bible is offered in two different beautifully designed exteriors. The first is a cream-colored hardcover with an embossed, spot varnished pink floral pattern. The page edges are printed with a matching pink floral design. The second is a silky butterfly flex cover Bible with butterflies printed around the edging.


  • Easy to Read 8.65 Font Size
  • 2-Inch Ruled Margins
  • Decorative Edge Printing
  • Over 500 line-art Illustrations
  • Book Summary
  • Promises by Theme
  • Reflection Pages
  • Bible Book Tabs
  • Coloring Stickers
  • Two Ribbon Markers
  • Back Cover Storage Pocket
  • Presentation Page

My Promise Bible is designed in a similar style as My Creative Bible with over 500 line art illustrations. The 2-inch ruled margins allow plenty of space to color the provided illustrations or create your own inspired drawings. The 8.65 font size makes it easy to read and the single-column format with lined margins is perfect for writing notes, prayers, or blessings.

Book Summary

Unlike other journaling Bibles, My Promise Bible offers features to encourage your creativity and helps with Bible memorization and recording Scripture. Each book of the Bible includes an introduction to give you historical background and insight on the texts. Throughout each book, key promise verses are artistically designed in the margins for you to color and use for reflection and meditation.

Promises by Theme

Life takes us through a range of emotions and situations from celebratory to mourning. My Promise Bible offers a quick reference to guide you through those times with a collection of Bible promises organized by theme. This collection of themes includes fifty-two topics arranged individually on separate pages with stylized borders to color as you ponder the verses on each page.

Reflection Pages

Twelve additional reflection pages have been added to this journaling Bible as a way for you to document your faith journey. They can be used to creatively reflect on a life moment, scrapbook with photos of loved ones, write poetry, famous quotes, or record the many blessings God has given you and your family. These pages are constructed of heavier stock paper for use with a wide range of artistic elements. Many of the pages have titles and promptings to help you get started.

Bible Book Tabs

Quickly reference any book of the Bible with indexing tabs. Each My Promise Bible includes a set of matching book tabs. There are 66 full-color tabs, one for each book of the Bible. These self-adhesive, pre-cut 1 3/8 inch tabs can easily be attached to the Bible pages. An instruction guide is given to help you position and place each tab in the ideal location.

Coloring Stickers

Bible stickers add a perfect accent to your Bible journaling. Four sheets of coloring stickers are included with My Promise Bible. If you enjoy scrapbooking, this added touch is right up your sleeve. Emphasis a verse with an arrow sticker or give a page a title with a banner sticker. The stickers are printed on matte paper for easy coloring in any medium.

Ribbon Markers

Throughout the week, you may take your Bible to church, Bible study or use around your home. Multiple ribbon page markers are a perfect accessory to keep your place as you color one page and reference another page for a study. My Promise Bible comes with two attached ribbon markers in two different colors. These ribbons can also serve as an aid for a goal, to mark a starting point and a destination.

Storage Pocket

An expandable pouch for storing unused stickers is located on the inside back cover. This storage pocket can also be used for small notes, post-it tabs or bookmarks. The opening faces the inside binding to ensure none of your stored necessities fall out.

Bible journaling should be an extension of you and the experiences that make you unique. By creatively documenting your faith, you are allowing God’s word to transpire through art and your personal writings. My Promise Bible is a journaling Bible and a study on the everlasting promises God has made to us from the beginning of time. God wants us to know his promises, trust his promises, and be transformed by his promises.

In addition to having the right journaling Bible, you will want some basic supplies to inspire your creativity. Here are some suggestions to help give your Bible a personal touch. Feel free to add or subtract depending on what elements you feel comfortable using. Many also prefer to practice on paper before adding a design to their Bible. Feel free to trace your design in pencil in the margin or white-space in your Bible before adding color.

  • Colored Pencils
  • Pens and Gel Pens
  • Stickers
  • Highlighters
  • Washi Tape
  • Pencil Case

The most common journaling supply is a set of colored pencils. Sets come in all different quantities with many shades to choose from for inspiration. Colored pencils make it easy to shade in drawings while allowing you to layer and blend them together.

Taking notes in your Bible is key to journaling and documenting your faith. Write sermon notes beside Scripture and prayers in the margins. An assortment of gel pens really makes your Bible pages pop with color. Look for gel pens for Bible journaling that are non-toxic and will not bleed through your pages. An assortment of vibrant colors using metallic, water chalk, glitter or neon shades are excellent supplies to enhance your journaling experience.

Accentuate your journaling with Christian stickers that feature Scripture, fun graphics, and pre-preprinted messages. Sticker embellishments add layers to your Bible journaling. These can be placed alongside a drawing, throughout a journal entry or beside an inserted note.

Highlighters draw attention to what verses are important to you on a page. Using different brightly colored highlighters makes it easy to find passages throughout your Bible. The process of highlighting and journaling about specific verses, helps you examine and study God’s word in more depth.

Adorn the pages of your journaling Bible with beautifully designed Christian inspired washi tapes. Washi Tape is made of natural fibers and is nontoxic to your Bible pages. Use them on the edge of your pages and to place a note, photo, or drawing in your Bible.

Pencil Case

Store your colored pencils, gel pens and highlighters in a portable case that allows you to take your journaling anywhere you travel. Storing all your Bible journaling supplies in one location makes it easy to bounce between highlighting, note-taking, coloring, and sketching.