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Pocket Bibles

In search of a handy way to keep the King James Scripture with you while on the go? Our perfectly portable KJV Pocket Bibles redefine convenience for today’s lifestyles with scaled-down profiles while still offering sizeable print that’s easy to read. Keep the Word at your fingertips with our go-anywhere pocket size Bibles.

No reason to leave your Bible behind even when you are shedding bulk. This might even stay in your briefcase or backpack for use on your train or bus commute. You’ll always have your reading material at hand no matter the moment – a quick read at the coffee shop, waiting for an oil change, or in the car pool line. Check out our selection today!

Pocket Size Bible

As their name implies, our pocket size Bibles are packed with all of the features that a full-sized King James Bible has to offer yet is small enough to fit in the pocket of a suit, jacket, coat, shirt or pants. Combining durable craftsmanship, portable size, and an affordable price, these pocket size Bibles are large wonders in small packages.

Zippered Pocket Bible

Protect your miniature copy of the Word of God by purchasing a zippered pocket Bible. Zip your Bible’s front and back covers together and slip it effortlessly into your purse or jacket pocket. The zipped closure will protect your pocket Bible’s pages from crinkling and covers from bending.