The Benefits Of A Bible Cover For Your King James Bible

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Consider a Bible Cover

Have you considered a Bible cover for your KJV Bible? Bible covers are not a new idea. Many of us used to cover text books, or our schools required us to protect our text books with book covers.  A Bible cover accomplishes the same purpose, but is even more effective, as it zippers shut.

Do you carry your Bible to church or toss your Bible into a work bag or tote for school or Bible study? Consider the extra protection of a Bible cover. In our western world, we have a wide variety of Bibles available, in varying sizes and for multiple purposes, and at affordable price points. It’s easy to take our Bibles for granted. In other circumstances, Christians don’t have the luxury of Bible availability and if they have a Bible at all, it is precious and to be protected. What if we took the same care with our Bibles?

Bible Covers Inspire

Bible Cover

A Bible cover is also a lovely way to remind yourself or others who see your case of God’s promises. Our Bible covers display inspirational words, from “Amazing Grace,” to the text of Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.”  Even a simple debossed cross, or a cross ornament can speak without words the Gospel message.


Practical Considerations

Bible covers provide a practical and protective shield for your King James Bible.  No more bent pages or wonky bindings after it’s ridden in your backpack alongside all your other books. Your pens or lipsticks won’t get caught between its pages as it dances around in your purse. An uncapped pen won’t leave marks on the cover or pages.


Bible covers make great sense! Consider the sturdy carrying handle. A simple feature, but think about the way we normally carry our Bibles in hand – sometimes that Study Bible is a bit too big to grasp, while our pocket Bible can easily slip out. A Bible cover has a sturdy grip and makes carrying convenient.


A zippered Bible cover also keeps your KJV Bible secure! Even if you drop your Bible cover, your Bible is still protected. You can zip your pen and a few folded papers into the cover. When your kids dump their Sunday School papers on you after church, or you want to keep the church bulletin, there will be room to zip them into your Bible cover, or tuck them into an outside pocket.

Find the Perfect Size

Bible covers come in multiple sizes and styles.  Getting the right size Bible case is important, as you don’t want your Bible swimming in the Bible cover, though our Bible cases have pockets for your Bible’s front and back covers to keep your Bible secure in the case. If you want to add your journal and some Bible study supplies, you may want to get a slightly bigger size.  Our KJV Bible Store also carries smaller size Bible covers – great for a prayer book, lectionary or song book.

Do you want to know which size Bible cover is right for your Bible? Measure it with a ruler or tape measure and compare your measurements to the size chart below:

Bible Cover Sizing Chart

The most important tip to remember is that you should select a cover of equal or larger size than your Bible.

When in doubt, opt for a larger cover size. Having a bit of extra room for your Bible to move around is better than not being able to zip your case closed due to your Bible’s size.

Style and Personality!

As far as style goes, we’ve got you covered at our KJV Bibles Store! We’ve got Bible covers for women in floral and vibrant colors – even some chic purse styles, so you can leave yours at home and leave your hand free for your post-Sunday-service cup of coffee.

Bible covers for men feature masculine colors and debossed designs. We’ve got classic colors and streamlined designs as well for those of us looking for a sleek black Bible cover or a trim and simple rich brown Bible case.

Looking for Added Features?

You may want to consider additional features. For example, our organizer Bible covers feature multiple pen loops, and come equipped with highlighter and notepad in an additional zippered pocket.  Accessory pockets are great for cell phones, and card slots can function as a wallets right inside your Bible cover.

Bible Covers Offer Protection Outside

Interested in shopping for a Bible cover? Check out our selection today. Not only is our style selection diverse, but our price points are varied, making a Bible cover affordable for everyone. Our value covers and canvas covers are durable and attractive, making them great for the younger crowd.  Splash out with our purples and pinks or choose classic black or brown. Peruse our selection HERE.  Our high-quality Bible covers are durable, practical, and beautiful.


Just like God’s Word – the most durable, practical, and beautiful book in existence.