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Christian Wedding Gifts

Bless the bride and groom with a meaningful Christian wedding gift to celebrate their new commitment and help them get started on their journey together.

Meaningful Wedding Gifts

Find a meaningful, long-lasting wedding gift for the bride and groom. Personalize the presentation page of the Bible you buy them, or slip a greeting card inside the front cover of a journal. Give the couple a gift that will not only ease the transition into practically starting life together, but will also remind them again and again of the love you have for them.

Creative Home Accessories

Find a gift for the bride and groom that will stand out from the pile of household items that they will receive. Bless them with a vibrant mug, sleek gift Bible, or wall decoration with a Scripture verse. These gifts will not only last, but they will also remind the couple of your unity not just to one another but with Christ. Encourage the bride and groom on their special day with a Christ-centered gift.