7 Features To Consider When Choosing A Bible

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What should one look for when choosing a Bible? There are many options to sort through:  Study Bibles, Journaling BiblesGiant Print Bibles, Youth Bibles, decoratively embossed Bibles. Is this for yourself, or is it a gift? At KJV Bibles Store, we want you to find just what you are looking for! Here are 6 features of Bibles to take into account when searching for your next copy of the Bible.

1. Choose your Bible translation

Choose your Bible translation
What translation are you looking for? Are you looking for a paraphrase like the New Living Translation, or a dynamic equivalence translation like the New International Version or the New Revised Standard Version? Or do you prefer a literal translation like the English Standard Version or the King James Version, sold on our site here at kjvBibles.com? If you have just begun reading the Bible, you might want to choose a dynamic equivalence translation for ease of understanding. You also might consider the version your church uses, and your pastor preaches from, so you’ll get continuity when you bring your Bible to church on Sunday

2. Choose your Bible cover material

It’s possible today to get nearly every type of Bible, from paperback, to Faux Leather, to premium calfskin leather. Buying a Bible is an investment, and with daily use will wear quickly. Leather will wear longest and best and might even become a treasured heirloom passed down the generations.
Choose your Bible cover material
On the other hand, if the price of leather isn’t in your budget, or if you’d be too careful to use it or to afraid take your Bible along if it were expensively covered, go for a faux leather version. The advantage here is that drips or spots can be easily wiped away, and you won’t feel guilty squeezing it between books in your backpack.
Remember the point is the inside, the text itself, so get what you know you will use!

3. How will you use this Bible?

How will you use this Bible?
Are you a pastor and will be using this for study? Perhaps a wider margin would be helpful for study notes. Or, maybe you are a student or Bible study leader who would prefer the study notes already included – there are many versions of Study Bibles available.
Perhaps a Journaling Bible appeals to your creative side and gives extra time to meditate as you draw and create in the margins. You may be looking for a compact size to tuck into your duffle for travel.  This is a question worth answering as you look through the myriad selection of Bibles online – and will keep you focused as you sort through the options. Or perhaps this Bible is a gift and you are considering colors for teens, or a theme verse debossed on the front.

4. Examine the font size

Your eyesight is precious, and the number of screens we view daily can strain and tire eyes.  What a relief to read from a physical copy of the Bible!  Make sure to take a look at the font size in the Bible you are buying. Most standard Bibles will use 9 point font, which looks about like this. Large Print Bibles are printed in 10 point font. Giant Print Bibles are printed in 14 point font, and Super Giant Bibles take it up a notch to about 17 point font.

5. What study helps does the Bible include?

What study helps does the Bible include?
These features are often hidden in the back of the Bible, but can provide extra help in Bible study. A concordance can help you search verses by a specific word – sometimes you want to retrieve a verse from your memory, but can only remember a phrase.  Maps help put the geography of the Bible into context – for example, following the journey of the Israelites through the wilderness or following Paul as he travels the Mediterranean world. If these feature are a must for you, be sure you choose a Bible that contains these features.

6. What size Bible would you like?

We’ve talked about the font size and how you’ll use your Bible – these factors help determine what actual size of Bible you’d like. If you are studying at home everyday, you may want a thicker, easy-on-the-eyes Giant Print Bible to make studying the Bible more comfortable.
What size Bible would you like?
If you travel a lot, look at the Compact or Pocket Bibles available.  These are small enough to slip into a work backpack or laptop bag, making it handy for reading on your commute or just easy to pack.
Thinline Bible is easy to grab and carry, great for taking along to church.   A larger scale Bible would be great to keep at home in your study spot for your personal devotions.  Journaling Bibles are also built a bit bigger to have space for your own reflections, lettering and artwork. It might be best kept in on your bookshelf near your study table.

7. Consider the total presentation and design.

After making decisions regarding these previous points, take a step back and make your final selection. If you are giving this Bible as a gift, consider the recipient. You are already tailoring this gift to them after considering translation, purpose, font size, type of cover and study helps.  You may not know the answer to all of these factors, and certainly, this final point might help clarify.  Just which Bible would they like? There are so many offerings in terms of cover design or gilt edging or ribbon markers. Is there a presentation page inside the front cover where you can inscribe a name and date to mark the occasion? Decide whether you’d like an understated color or cover design. Many of our KJV Bibles have minimal decoration, while others feature debossing, applique or a two-tone design. Young people might appreciate a cross decoration, and girls, especially, will love the pink, purple or teal selections.   The bottom line is:  do you like your selection? Will your recipient like your selection? Once you think through these very practical and aesthetic considerations, you should be ready to shop. With all the options available today, you will no doubt find just the Bible just for you!  Check out our selection at kjvbibles.com right now!