King James Bible Bestsellers For Father’s Day

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Celebrate Dad’s Impact This Father’s Day

Fathers Day with Child

How can any gift convey the entire impact a father has on our lives? Sometimes a dad’s work is behind the scenes, at the office, or away from home, and it’s his family who realize the reward in everyday life.  And in our modern world, Dad could be working at home, running his own business from his phone, or taking care of children while Mom’s at work. Whether we see him a lot in our daily lives or not, we know he’s there – just like we can hear his voice call out amidst a crowd of voices cheering for us at our swim meet or when we’re up to bat. His care is constant; we call Dad when we’re struggling, or we’ve lost a job opportunity, or our car has broken down.

Take Care Of Dad This Dad’s Day

Dad needs care, too, and supernatural care at that.  How about the eternal, life-changing word of God? “For the Word of God is quick and powerful….” Hebrews 4:12 (KJV).  Celebrate the eternal influence of your dad with a KJV Bible this Dad’s day.

Check Out Our King James Bible Bestsellers For Dad

Compact Large Print KJV Bible

1. Compact Large Print KJV Bible

Even if Dad has a favorite Bible he reads daily, the one that’s marked up and well-worn with use, a compact KJV Bible is a handy volume to carry along to church or Bible study or on a trip.  Best of all, this Bible is small, but still features large print for easy-on-the-eyes reading. Check out our selection here of small KJV Bibles here.

Large Print Thinline KJV Bible

2. Large Print Thinline KJV Bible

Our Portfolio design, large print thinline KJV Bible is another bestseller. Handsomely designed in rich browns, it takes you back in history to the time of King James, with the classic look of old volumes where leather was used strategically on books in places wear was seen most.

Giant Print KJV Bible With Thumb Index

3. Giant Print KJV Bible With Thumb Index

Take a look at this rich chocolate brown giant print KJV Bible featuring a thumb index for each book of the Bible.  Yet another KJV Bible designed with historic features in the lovely tailoring and scrollwork on the faux leather cover. Great for KJV history buffs, this Bible reprints the original Epistle Dedicatory, the letter written by the translating committee presenting the finished work to King James. Giant Print is used in this Bible – a plus for tired eyesight!

KJV Gift Bibles

4. KJV Gift Bible

Our Gift Bible in medium brown, another bestseller, is another classic design that evokes the feel of the historic King James Version. Timeless beauty in word and design make this a KJV Bible sure to be treasured by your Dad. This Bible has an extra-special presentation page, thumb markers and the words of Jesus in red-letter print. Specially designed for gift-giving!

These are just a small selection of the handsome and varied King James Bibles available on  Check out our entire selection today.

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