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Devotional Journals

Record your reflections, prayers, and favorite verses using our sleek LuxLeather devotional journals.

Devotional Journals of Many Styles

Explore our unique selection of journals in an assortment of styles and colors that appeal to both women and men. Our journals are beautifully designed for recording thoughts, prayers, Scripture verses, or stories. There’s no prerequisite that you have to be an avid writer to keep a journal, as anyone who is simply willing can enjoy the fulfilling activity of journaling. All it involves is jotting down your notes and insights that are revealed to you during your quiet reflection time with God.

Inspirational Journals

We offer a unique selection of inspirational journals that are beautifully designed to appeal to any sense of style or personality. You’ll be encouraged by the various passages of Scripture found throughout the pages of our journal notebooks. It’s up to you whether you use yours as a daily journal, personal diary, a keepsake testimony of your life’s experiences and spiritual growth or a prayer journal. List key verses, illustrate Bible passages, or record prayer requests from your Bible study group with our devotional journals.